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I had to ask why they called him Bone. Finally, in our local phone book is a listing which appears as 'Miss, Kris' which, of course, would make her name 'Kris Miss. True Story A policeman pulled over a teenage girl for a traffic violation in Montana. His dad wouldn't allow it. I have a cousin named Crystal Cupp. Also, I have a sister-in-law named Jo Friday. I'm actually the third. In Montana it's legal to drive at The two are not related.

Funny clean names

They have a son named Owen but he didn't like the eurpoean "D" so he is just Owen Monet. You gotta love the Italians. Real person, my mom, her name is Anita Goodnight. I have got rid of the chance of having a rubbish nickname now because everyone just calls me Sprout and I like that. My dad Robert Naze used to tell me that story all the time when I was a little girl. We have often thought of names for children She said it sounded funny and wanted to hyphenate to Kit Wong-Chiu. I had to ask why they called him Bone. What about Batt Mann? The two are not related. But when he did finally have a son, he could not pull the trigger and name him Noah Way. Interesting changes are not always allowed: Her name is Winifred, but growing up she always went by Windy. I first realized this in his presence, and I laughed out loud right in front of him, pretty much uncontrolled for a good 30 seconds!!! Here is a photo of Mr Sprout. She became Dusty Sellars. They had three daughters named Misty, Dawn and April. He and my grandfather both wanted that to be my name because they thought it was hilarious, but my mom refused because she didn't want me to get made fun of as a child. In Montana it's legal to drive at Hohole named their kid Ophelia. I had a co-worker name Edric Chun gotta say it kinda fast whose nickname was Bone. Always gets a giggle. My name is Melody Goodnight, obviously my maiden name which I took back when I divorced my ex-husband so that I could say She married a serviceman surnamed Hiscock and became Sheila Rose Hiscock. He takes his black. My name instead ended up being Melissa Ann Naze.

Funny clean names

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TOP 70 Funniest Names IN THE WORLD!!

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In Montana it's legal to drive at I have a cousin named Crystal Cupp.

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