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Wait a bit and let the candy to mealt and let the flavor of the candy spead in your mouth. Similarly on the second dice, write down six different actions to be performed like kiss, lick, suck, nibble, nuzzle, blow and so on. Then they rush to kiss the other person as many times as possible on any area of exposed skin face, neck, arms, etc. Knowing how to this so would surely keep both of you away from getting bored of just a single type of kissing. On a piece of paper, create a list that matches each number combination with a part of your body. When your partner can deduce what the magic word is, choose a new one.

Fun kissing games to play with boyfriend

You can let your imagination run wild and change the rules as you proceed with the game. Sit like that see who can sit and be patient the longer without kissing the other. Wait a bit and let the candy to mealt and let the flavor of the candy spead in your mouth. Choose a fairly large-sized apple and hold it in your mouth. This is great fun when you can be really creative with the questions and the dares. Just make sure you the room is dark enough so the players will have more courage to kiss instead of just staring at the walls for seven minutes. Yes, there indeed are kissing games you can play with your boyfriend and they will surely add more excitement in your relationship. The game continues till the ice cube melts and if you want to play for rewards, the one who is left with the melted ice cube loses and has to do whatever their partner asks for. Ice Games There is something enticing and incredibly sexy about using ice when you are kissing your partner. You choose to play as either a boy or a girl and then you'll watch the characters pucker up to kiss you. Then the lover who is blindfolded should lie on a bed or on a couch or get into a narrow closet. Sometimes the host will select two people, and other times it is a chance encounter like in spin the bottle. Nickelodeon offers a virtual version of the game so you can practice. Also available as an instant download ebook. Mute the volume and start to watch the movie with your boyfriend. If you ask someone to perform this dare, expect to have the tables turned later in the game. Kissing by kalyani10 If you're planning a romantic day with your partner but are wondering what you do different, how about spending the evening playing some sweet and spicy kissing games with your beloved? You most likely heard about this game and might already played a few times or already played it a lot. After the 2 minutes are up, the couples come out of the closets and find out who shared closet time with them. Then ask him to pull a paper and do whatever says on the paper. A group of players sits in a circle, alternating boy and girl. Two participants go into a small, dark room, often a closet, and they spend seven minutes together. Once you have played a few games and understand how they work, you can create your own kissing adventures. Whether you are blindfolded or not, you are both going to enjoy this game anyway. Kissing Games for Couples By: Now the other person must bite a piece off the apple without using the fingers. Lick it up This works best with whipped cream or chocolate sauce and is thus perfect for lovers who have a sweet tooth as well.

Fun kissing games to play with boyfriend

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Spin the Bottle!

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