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If you don't own that many glasses, you can always buy the plastic ones at the store. If the quarter lands on a blank spot, the player writes a rule in that location and draws a circle around it—making as big or small as desired. I work too much? One player spins the puck on the table. This game is like limbo in reverse. Rules can vary wildly. Fill each cup with roughly three to four ounces of beer. All female players must drink 5:

Fun games when drunk

The first player to fail to do so in a quick manner must drink If someone is too slow, repeats an answer, or makes a mistake, they have to drink. A group of friends will declare a Buffalo Club. You could only stop drinking after the person immediately before you stopped. The dealer can lay a third card over the first two and players with a combination of those three cards may give away a total of eight drinks. You take two dice and roll them. Everyone including you must follow this rule for the whole entire game and if you disobey you must drink. Freeze This is another funny drinking game. This game can be played throughout the entire party. Take turns flipping the coin. See below for the rules. The more creative the rules, the better. The dice will have different instructions, depending on what side you roll. Flip, Sip or Strip This is a perfect one for you and your significant other. Are these the rules you know? Get a deck of cards and shuffle it up. One player is appointed to take some as many cans of beer as there are players in another room. They then roll the die. Whenever the song changes, everyone has to drink. Each card has a different rule. Same rules as when a player rolls a 1. The player must drink the contents of the game glass 4: Whoever does this last or fails to do it must drink the contents of their glass 5: To begin, the first player draws a card. If wrong, the player remains and the next person takes a turn.

Fun games when drunk

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Top 10 Best Video Games to Play While Drunk

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Everyone must point to the ceiling. Every time they're talking about something offensive he said, have two sips.

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