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We switched his antibiotics yesterday, hopefully the new ones do the trick and help Jefferson to begin to heal! Frida is at the rescue kennel and has not been tested with small dogs or cats--preliminary observations are not very optimistic about placing her in a home with small dogs or cats. Frida is doing well in foster care. Brandy J is one of the most athletic dogs we have seen--she's powerful and fast. Can you make room for me? When we do, offer us your blessings from the other side of the rainbow bridge?

Free puppies in clovis nm

He has ridden in the car and did pretty well. It looks as if she and Princess Leia were from the same litter or pack of hunters. Kota is around a year and a half, a beautiful tall yellow boy who looks all lab with the exception of a lovely white blaze on his face! Click here for the online adoption application and please contact us if you prefer a printed application. Imagine how lovey I will be after getting to know you really well in your house! And to you Laddie, blessed be sweet boy. Most recently--Colorado Springs, Colorado Stella and Bella Lloyd Slatex Diamond is doing well in foster care. We are always looking for foster homes. He has great self esteem. Keep in mind that persons who have submitted an application and have scheduled a home visit get first preference as Greyhounds become available. I am mature and not so silly as a puppy but not too old to love with all my heart! I did see a cat here and took notice with great curiosity but as soon as that furry friend disappeared and went on her way I forgot about her………. If you really want a couch potato, tell us. She is around 10 years old and a big happy lab, around pounds. She has a lot of energy and needs exercise to wear her down. Bella was running loose; and out in the heat off and on for several days. We do have a waiting list. At approximately 3 months old, this large puppy is going to grow into a large dog. In Albuquerque or all of New Mexico: I have been available for adoption since Jan 15, Echo is just a wonderful dog, she will make someone very happy. She is now chasing rabbits, swimming in lakes, fishing with my Grandpa, and receiving the everlasting petting on her head from God. We may have dogs that are not yet posted on the site. She is clearly very intelligent, she would be easy to train. Her former owner says she is a good girl and very willing to learn.

Free puppies in clovis nm

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