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This effectively disables those folders from active use and makes them into archive folders that the OpenHPSDR installer will ignore. I purchased a beautiful RF coupler from AC2IQ which can easily handle full-legal limit power levels and has two dB ports that allow me to provide a sample for my scope and also for Pure Signal. Keep in mind that the Windows software firewall can cause connection difficulties with whatever software you are using with your ANAN. It also opens up the capability to utilize DAW software and a flood of free voice processing VST plug-ins if you wish to give that a try. The last step, which was found through trial and error, was to ground the shield of the balanced audio cable to the external chassis ground of the ANAN.

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This effectively disables those folders from active use and makes them into archive folders that the OpenHPSDR installer will ignore. When both conditions are observed, click the Two-tone Gen button again to return to RX. This turned out to be the problem with my system. When I did my google research I found an obscure Microsoft article related to Windows Server that explained how a single registry key could cause the CPU performance counter to still not work even after doing "the usual fix". Make sure you select the correct Computer Interface most likely Local Area Connection 2 in the dropdown box. The audio component chain now looks like this: It increases your average audio density and limits the maximum amplitude. You can see the seventeen inactive versions tagged with their version numbers v3. As you scroll, every line that is different will be highlighted as in the picture below where you can see that I had changed the TX DSP Buffer size to in my version but not in my version where the default value is still present. The inside of the simple relay box is shown on the left below and an external view is shown on the right. If that entry is present, and it has a value of 1 as shown below in the screenshot, right click on the Disable Performance Counters category name and then left click on Modify 4. This is usually because the new version has additional parameters that are kept in the database that would be lost or corrupted if you simply imported your current database through the OpenHPSDR setup form. In the unlikely event that you are still unsuccessful after following the steps above, post to the Network Connection Section of the Official Apache Labs Forum and ask for help. The links below will take you to places where most of the questions you probably have pondered have been answered and a simple search of the messages and documents may give you the information you need: Lots of help is here for anyone with questions. The video below was made with my ANAN driving my amplifier to just under watts while running into a dummy load. Although the FiFi SDR is not exactly pristine in the receive audio department and it has its share of little spurs that show up on the pandadapter it's good enough to make it pretty clear when things sound clean and when you reach the point where the audio is degraded. The other issue is that the DB25 connector was not designed to be placed through a surface that is as thick as the rear panel of the ANAN rigs. Thanks for suggesting it Jim! Assign a static IP to your computer's second ethernet port. If you reduce your power level, you will see the Feedback indicator momentarily flash red RF sample too weak and then back to green as the S-ATT level is re-calibrated. With my ANAN the results across all the bands from - 6 meters have been spectacular leaving no doubt that Pure Signal is now correcting the entire amplifier chain to IM3 approaching or exceeding dB. This will bring up an Address Dialog screen as shown below that will let you assign a static IP address in the same subnet as your computer's second ethernet port. Check to see if an entry named Disable Performance Counters is present as shown in the screenshot below. The steps involved are simple: Wouldn't it be nice if you could just lift out all your TX profiles and drop them into the new version? Adjust the leveler to what sounds good to the stations on the other end and if you plan on using Pure Signal I would suggest keeping the leveler engaged with values that reliably trigger regular feedback level updates for auto-calibrate correction.

Free aex videos

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Note that your User name in the second folder path will obviously be different than mine: You can see this clearly with the waveform view of the audio track that I ripped from the YouTube video embedded below.

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