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It is so incredible to hear you speak and to read other testimonials on all of the things about Adventism that I only last year started to realize. Moreover, they need to be seen as people who likely are trauma victims. In fact, it was created by a liberal church. I think the best part about the church school was that they incorporated the Bible into the curriculum. We really needed his brilliant review 30 years ago to ably present the comparisons between the straight and crooked sticks.

Former adventist forum

I thought to myself, if only we here in Slovenia had a Church like that. Do not use all-caps. Walter Rea and Smyth van Rooyen. I am so grateful. The Bible is the only tangible source of truth and reality that we have: In Scripture we find the way to know Jesus and to trust Him—and trusting Jesus is the way we are born again and sealed with the Holy Spirit. I knew going into the relationship that he and I had different beliefs, but he was very open minded so I thought I could make it work. However, my husband and I loved each other so much we just got to the point of avoiding the topic. Do not challenge administrator or moderators concerning discipline. These people would then look at him differently and treat him differently. I was very glad when I came across your website. Plus she was never the official leader anyway. Conditionalism and soul sleep seem to hang on in Adventist minds more than any other doctrine. People who leave for the sake of Jesus are the ones who ultimately are able to leave the Adventist attachments behind. But I found out that they were just lies. He is part of the historical advent movement. She also told me though that she doesn't think we should go to another church. I knew I needed Him and I wanted to find the right place for me. Sure enough, I wound up on your site in one of the testimonies you posted. I thrust that if I am ever in the States, that I come and visit you. Add to this that within the 28 Fundemental beliefs you then have additional sub-rules within those rules that you need to keep. I have come back to faith in God in the last year at 44 years of age, but I still feel haunted by some of beliefs of the SDA Church. I will continue to visit your site and we need your help. The results of this can be quite startling and result in what would be considered by many to be cult-like behavior. He's been slowly getting involved in our congregation and has started lending his skills to our church. I started to do some research on the net, and found your site.

Former adventist forum

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Lisa Winn: Testimony (2014 Former Adventist Fellowship Conference)

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I was almost sucked in! I thrust that if I am ever in the States, that I come and visit you.

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