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It has been rebuilt and restored here. We were welcomed into the dark castle at the side door and it felt a bit like being drawn into a creepy dungeon. You can eat on the train and boat. On our return ride in the open car, the conductor kept everyone entertained with a scavenger hunt, encouraging passengers to find landmarks along the route. They have an on board bar where you can buy food and beverages - including beer.

Essex steam train and riverboat review

You can eat on the train and boat. Even so I would probably do it again, especially with out-of-towners. And, while the eccentricity continued inside, the gothic appearance was only on the exterior. The car we were in was dirty and the cloth swivel chairs were excessively worn and raggedy. It has been rebuilt and restored here. We saw many more examples of these doors as we moved upstairs. When I balked at this, the so-called conductor Paul finally relented and raised our windows so we could see out sans the aforementioned obstructions. The bottom floor has the restrooms and snack bar and is the least crowded of the two floors. We had 17 people in our large party- my three sisters and I, our spouses, my mother, and. Bathrooms and a snack bar are on the lower deck as well. I could barely pry the ticket from my Polar Express fan hands. Before we knew it, we had reached the end of the line. He installed a trick lock to his bar and, after inviting guests to help themselves to a drink, would retire upstairs and watch them through a strategically placed mirror as they struggled to find a way into the alcohol cabinet. It took us approximately 30 minutes to make it from the castle back to the train stop. Unfortunately, a better idea would have been to bring a picnic lunch and take advantage of the huge terrace and picnic tables overlooking the castle and the valley, since the cafe was short staffed and after waiting at least 30 minutes for our order, we gave up and started our hike down to the river. My wife and I were looking forward to this attraction; however, we were sorely disappointed. Yes, the boat swings around so what you miss on one side you see on the return trip but watching please click for source planes take off towards you was cool and kept our kids entertained. It stays that way for the trip back to Essex. Admire diverse wildlife on your journey, such as cormorants birds, ducks, swans, Greenland geese, blue herons, egrets, and more. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. You can also take a 2. Lets get that out of the way first, in case your focus is something to do with the kids. It's also worth mentioning that we could occasionally smell the soot from the engine - this didn't bother me but I could see Essex Steam Train And Riverboat Review bothering some people. The "fun" element in this is probably more for children than adults, but it is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. We joined the line of cars waiting to cross by walking aboard the small Selden III. Our transportation crazy kids went nuts watching 5 sea planes take off and a helicopter land. After a short stop to drop off and pick up passengers taking the riverboat, we were back at Essex Station.

Essex steam train and riverboat review

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Cruisin’ Connecticut – Essex Steam Train and Riverboat

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Didn't check out the restrooms but there are restrooms on the boat, train and station.

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