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Cornthwaite called this "his first taste of adventure". It feels as though we are in a transition period from the oppressive stigma of the past to a more open future in which these kinds of matters can take their place alongside other ailments: On the morning of my 25th birthday, my cat was sitting on my chest. The five-day journey, which finished on 8 June , World Oceans Day , was a celebration of Britain's inland waterways. CD or not CD? He had a support crew of six but pulled his provisions along behind him on a raft. What are the costs associated with Expedition?

Dave cornthwaite

Did we miss anything? Friendship, companionship, support, community: Cornthwaite's speed depended on that of the current. Communication, Community and Celebration — Combatting mental health issues within the music industry Being able to openly discuss depression, and mental health issues in general, is slowly becoming more acceptable. Sure, I had the trappings of a successful Western adult: Three rest days were required when Cornthwaite developed severe blisters. The CD is dead, long live the tape cassette revival! He had a support crew of six but pulled his provisions along behind him on a raft. Seeing them on the shore lifted my spirits and gave me the fuel to continue to the Gulf. It was a choice between making a huge, drastic change and chasing that potential… or not, and being unhappy for the rest of my life. Hurricane Lee caused Cornthwaite to leave the water for a time, lengthening the trip to a total of 82 days. I was exhausted, struggling with poor weather, and enduring the general, brilliant bashing from the river. I traversed the length of Britain as a warm up and then skated Australia. Going from a year old who thought he knew it all to a life to who I am now was a pretty big change. As I looked at her, I realized she was about to have a much better day than I was. Introduce yourself and your quest. Why did you decide to undertake your quest? Cornthwaite carried all of his provisions by securing them in waterproof bags strapped to the deck of his paddleboard. I actually look forward to the in-between phases as much as the journeys themselves now, because I love everything I do and believe in the cause, whatever it might be. But if there was nobody to share the stories and thoughts with, what would be the point? The Cleator family, who loved the fact that I was skateboarding across Australia and looked after me for two weeks once I completed that five month journey. A decade ago I spent two weeks learning how to skateboard, and promptly quit my graphic design job to spend the next year skateboarding further than anyone else had ever skated. On the morning of my 25th birthday, my cat was sitting on my chest. The vinyl record is dead, long live the CD! The descent of the Mississippi River took 68 days including passage through falls, dams and locks. How did you overcome a low point in your quest?

Dave cornthwaite

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CD or not CD? Funny… I quit my job and life got busy!

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