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Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail You are my most beautiful dream come true. I love you now and forever. It does not matter if I consume coffee or tea. Morning the guy's name! I am so lucky. I am sending you this message not just to say good morning but also to put a big smile on your face.

Cute morning texts to boyfriend

The hottest person alive has awoken! Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be had we not met. Your thoughts are all over my mind. Have an awesome day today. You are the sunshine that makes me smile. I hope this day is full of wonderful surprises. Just add a pinch of my hugs and a heaping teaspoon of my love. Hugs and kisses your way! Try out these cute and flirty text messages, and tell us if it worked for you. However, only the most honest, the most heartfelt, and the most real messages will resonate with him. How do you make his day? Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail Thank you for being such a loving boyfriend. Hey handsome, good morning! Have a great day. Everyone loves to be remembered but even more importantly, everyone wants to be remembered by the one he loves. I hope you dreamed of me last night. Have a terrific day. My sleeping and waking would cease to be if it were not for your love. Light flirting with a spice of romance can start up things for you. I hope you have the most fantastic day. Good morning, my love! Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail You are my favorite part of the morning. Each time it rises, it gives me yet another chance to spend the day with you. Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail The softest pillow on my bed could not compare to the comfort I get when I lay my head on your chest. I would much rather be with you night and day so that I can love you in every way.

Cute morning texts to boyfriend

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Super Sweet ‘Good Morning’ Texts That Will Make Your Boyfriend Smile

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Even though it is raining, you make me see a sunny sky.

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