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Ness pulled away, staring, and Lucas began to worry. How do you like this? If there was one thing that Ness knew about Lucas, it was that he was cheesy. He pulled away, before slowly inserting his index finger. Tiny whines turned to loud moans. It consists essentially of fatty and oily matters, but it is always found in combination with casein cheesy matter and water. Ness reluctantly removed his hand. Yep, definitely added to the appeal.


Ness began to rub against him faster, and he finally gripped both of their cocks, hand moving up and down faster. A heavy blush was settled on his face semi-permamently and Ness could see his own dick poking up Lucas' stomach. Why can't I cum?! Ness groaned, coming inside the blonde so hard, that within seconds the other's ass was leaking streams of cum. Sheesh, you demand a lot. I'm sorry I'm so selfish. Show More The bread was sour and the Italian butter rank and cheesy—often uneatable. Lucas was just a bundle of nerves at this point; Ness knew that anything he did would make the other scream. That confusion soon turned to overwhelming pleasure as electricity filled fingers began the thrust towards his prostate. I'm sorry I-" he was silenced by Ness' sigh. And no, he was not referring to the blondie's love of Peculiar Cheese. By now, Lucas was letting out all types of delicious sounds, and Ness couldn't get enough of it. Lucas had his face covered, drool dripping down his chin, eyes flowing with tears from the waves of pleasure. Perhaps a bit too much, considering that the other was crying his eyes out. Lucas let out a strange sound, so Ness only continued with one finger. Ness pulled out his fingers, watching the spark slowly disappear. But back to the subject. He felt Lucas trembling a bit. There was no way he was cumming before Lucas. You don't have to explain," he paused. He leaned in a bit, giving soft kisses to the neck that was flushed red all over. Ness began to massage the two globes in his hand. Not to mention the socks that were still on and the pair of shorts that hung off one leg. Ness decided to pull down his owns shorts, and then proceeded to rub his member against his lover's. Ness crawled over to Lucas, and without warning, pulled his thighs apart and dove his head right between his legs.


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The second stage is characterized by the commencement of the cheesy degeneration. I'm sorry I'm so selfish.

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