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Participants need enough strength in the the hands to hold your own body weight for ten seconds hanging from a bar Maximum weight for this experience is 95kg This experience is not suitable for participants who are pregnant, or those with injuries Venue This experience is located at Alfred Cove, Perth WA. You will be able to enjoy jumping, swimming and fishing at some great lakes, with views featuring historical sites and spectacular waterfalls. Guidelines A release form must be signed by the participant. We can talk about many different bungee jumping locations in Australia but those that are presented below are those that people normally consider and recommend. Cairns — Queensland Cairns has both dry and wet as seasons and is a perfect stop for the adrenaline junkie because it offers wonderful bungee jumping. Rescheduling Over 24 hours prior to the experience date: Because of this, you can so easily enjoy various different bungee locations in both New Zealand and Australia. The Swan River views are truly great and you will be able to enjoy various different tourist attractions, including architectural landmarks.

Bungee jumping perth wa

Contestants stand at beginning of run and at whistle race to get ONE marker, which is placed between the lanes on the lane Velcro. The funnest run in town. Darwin — Northern Territory Darwin is a great destination for younger tourists since the population is also young. Numbers on the Day There will be a maximum of 10 participants on the day. Ms Langworthy, who spent a week in hospital where she was treated for bruising and other minor injuries, told Nine News she had struggled to keep her head above water as she was sucked downstream towards rapids while her legs were still tied together. Run against powerful bungee cords and then bungee back to the start. If so, let us know below. I think it is definitely a miracle that I survived. Tough it out against your opponent as you try to claim tokens, all while our 50mm thick, Australian ISO-certified bungee cables steal the grip from under your feet. Erin Langworthy, 22, plummeted about 25m from Victoria Falls Bridge into Zimbabwe's Zambezi River after the cord broke - a fall which could have cost her life. How far can you go? One on one tuition with an instructor Warm up on a 6m high bungee trampoline Learn incredible tricks on the flying trapeze Specifications One on one guidance and tuition from an instructor Use of the 6 metre high bungee trampoline Flying trapeze workshop Learning the skills on a low practice bar Safety harness Please allow approximately 2 hours for this experience. These were the bungee jumping activities that we love in Australia. In the event of inclement weather your experience will still go ahead unless contacted by the experience provider. Adelaide — South Australia One word can easily describe this location: Rest assured that Big Fun use only the best quality bungee cords which ensure both young and old will have a ball trying to get to the end. Contestants stand at beginning and race to end and back three times — touching end as they go. Rescheduling Over 24 hours prior to the experience date: A comment on a Zimbabwean website, believed to have been made by Erin's sister, Caitlin Langworthy, said Erin nearly drowned because her legs were tied together and she only managed to save herself because she was trained in survival swimming techniques. The skies are blue, the weather is almost always great and the gentle breeze makes everything wonderful. Specifications Head to head thrills. The heights that you can experience here are among the highest and you will be able to also enjoy other activities you will love. You and a friend horizontal bungee at the same time… you can play a few different games on the bungee run First to grab the Velcro marker wins best out of three tries. All jewellery to be removed and long hair tied back securely with no clamps or clips. It is right next to Tomkins Park, with ample parking! Lofty Range rolling hills. First to finish wins.

Bungee jumping perth wa

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You will be able to enjoy a truly wonderful jump with great rainforest backdrops.

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