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One partner in each couple is blindfolded. To start the game the host releases all the plastic balls into the middle of the game area and yells GO! Pushers can now push their hippo's into the playing box without stepping into it themselves and the hippo must capture as many balls as they can in a 3 minute time period that each round last. That is Human Hungry Hungry Hippo's. It's challenging and funny to watch. This game is best at parties where the guest already know each other.

Blindfold games for adults

I had to include this Bite the bag how to video because, well, it's just funny. The person on his knees is not allowed to move. Play pit balls the more the merrier 4 flat scooters 4 small circle laundry baskets 8 players Have players divide into pairs. It is a fun and hilarious twist on the classic pinata. Have all the players link arms at the elbow and form a circle, everyone should be facing outward. One player in each pair will be the pusher, while the other is the hippo. After the partners are blindfolded reveal the swag. Still Too Easy, You Say? You will need to hot glue small prizes all over a old shirt. Now the partner not holding the balloon must remove all the shaving cream with a disposable razor. Your guests can't use their hands to find the fruit. Blindfold the couples, give one of them a banana and have the other get on his knees. Now have the pinata volunteer put the shirt on. First, the women sit or stand with their knees exposed. You will want to cover the shirt in prizes. ID Knee Consenting adults play this game. Where did we meet? Fill the bowl with whipped cream and tell your guests to find the fruit in the bowl. Couples place a rubber ball between them, pressed between their stomachs. Whichever team has the most balls in their basket at the time, wins that round. Y games that require ordinary household objects, many do not need any props to play. At the end of three minutes the host will call time. Cherries and Whipped Cream Hunt Place a cherry, strawberries, or the fruit of your choice in a large bowl on a table in front of each guest. Next fill each box with the ping pong balls and your ready. The first one to get a bingo calls it out and wins a prize.

Blindfold games for adults

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Best team building activity-Reach the goal with blindfold-obstacle challenge

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This hilarious party challenge was inspired by the video below. You will want to cover the shirt in prizes.

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