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With no brunch plans, and most places booked solid for Easter brunch, I had to move quick. Each spoonful stuck to your ribs in the best way possible — a bowl of this could bring someone back to life from even the most lethal hangover. This is not the time for that virtuous, healthy brunch. Bottomless Food Sometimes you want to try everything on the menu, sometimes you need to try everything on the menu. Red Derby is the exact place you want to brunch if you have the hangover from hell. Cava Mezze — Unique brunches are hard to come by in DC. Due South — This Navy Yard southern spot does a bustling brunch. Sounds like true southern comfort. Alcoholic drinks are not included.

Best bottomless brunch in dc

A winning brunch, to say the least. Not much else you can ask for when trying to recover from the night before. There is nothing quite as satisfying as tearing off hunks of the doughy bread and watching the melted cheese stretch all the way to your plate or directly to your mouth! Housemade pasta is another highlight; spaghetti is tossed in a gorgeous, garlicky, slight spicy Pomodoro sauce. Think of a cheese-filled bread boat with an egg cracked right on top that they mix up for you right at your table. Or the poached eggs with burrata cheese, house-cured salmon, green sauce, grilled ciabatta? This intimate spot right off 14th Street serves their full menu during Sunday brunch, in addition to fun brunch specials like shakshuka, a Middle Eastern classic of poached eggs in a spiced tomato sauce. On the sweet side there is French toast and bombolini fritters. Stop by for some fresh-baked cinnamon rolls or creme fraiche biscuits or chow down on dishes like Eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon and beernaise on a crumpet, or the pulled pork hash with potatoes, pickled peppers, over easy eggs and sour cream. This is a place where you feel at home, and one that makes you order way too much food. Their picnic tables out front — and a couple rounds of bottomless drinks — are the perfect way to kick off the weekend. They also do yummy mimosas and a scratch Bloody Mary with ingredients that taste super fresh and allow you to convince your friends that day drinking is good for your health. Dreams coming true all over the place. The fluffy pancakes were topped with sweet creamed corn and smoked parmesan; a sweet and savory dish where the okra and corn are bizarre compliments of each other. The menu has variety — everything from crepes to pizzas to a smoked salmon benedict — and the food is good. With a soft-boiled spiced egg and delicate drizzles of chili oil adding subtle notes, the braised shiitake mushrooms gave the dish some nice contrapuntal texture and earthiness. Pair it with some boquerones, patatas bravas, and a plate of serrano ham, and imagine yourself relaxing on the Bay of Biscay. The real gem here is the menu. Also come at me, haters , good rule of thumb: And boy, is it good: The dishes are offered as small plates, but are big enough for sharing if you are dining with a couple of other people. Poured over diced cantaloupe and crunchy pistachios, it was a great opening to a fabulous meal. Your inner child will thank you. And after all that, you can pick out a slice of cake from their twirling cake display. Coming May 13, , and more.

Best bottomless brunch in dc

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A balance between French and Asian influences means you can get a Croque Monsieur, but your friends can still get Congee and then you can all split some pancakes.

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