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It's just that when I hear that girls are only offered softball, I have the feeling that they are getting the lesser game. We can't just blame the Americans for exporting Junk food! Also, The Big Bang Theory is problematic for all kinds of reasons but I wouldn't argue that people watch that show because they think nerds are awesome. However, in my last post covering the yard sale find, I documented some of the vintage and early 80s cards I came across. It's a gorgeous piece. I've had the random itch recently to open a box of Donruss. Which, if you haven't guessed already, is actually a mangled "fighting". I wouldn't normally show stickers like this as they're a dime a dozen for the most part when it comes to junk wax bulk lots but there's one little thing that makes these special Including an odd and pompous article in The Chicago Tribune:


I never had these as a kid I've seen these here and there online and I've heard people talk about them online but I still never had any until now. Dave Martinez got the nod to replace him and the Nationals, hovering around. But to get into the habit of " bloggingI really hate this word, it sounds like what happens when you do too much poo in a toilet " I need to persevere. I suppose if I could then I could pop it up and see what it looks like be then where would the fun be in that. Also, one of Granderson's key bonus skills is his reputation as a good team guy and a leader. I am sorry for not putting up any new posts recently. The Robin Yount and George Brett cards are part of the member's choice line. There's three from the All-Star set and a Roberto Alomar. The massively retweeted statement about "super nerds" that make up the front office and it became very much the talk of baseball on the internet mostly because who writes about baseball on the internet if not super nerds? Greene was with the Reds from and probably had his best season in with a. I've still got a box of Bowman to rip into that's going to give me a nice glut of cards this size. Also, Wade Boggs in a batting cage and another nice card to add to the pile of Eckersley's I already have. Dusty Baker was fired after the end of last season when the Nationals, once again, failed to advance in the playoffs. Baseball is just the best. In this house, we respect Josh Donaldson There was some discussion on Twitter last night about Josh Donaldson's leadership qualities. The man buys birthday cake for the clubhouse. Some nice cards from the pile of Topps, including some pretty awesome horizontal cards. What a singular baseball player. Paul Sullivan seems kind of mad that average sports writers don't pull in that kind of bank. It's just that when I hear that girls are only offered softball, I have the feeling that they are getting the lesser game. I don't remember ever having one of these when I was a kid. Because of the geographical closeness, cultural and political exchanges throughout history, baseball in Korea has been influenced, and even modelled on the Japanese version of the game. We can't just blame the Americans for exporting Junk food! But finally, the star of the show as far as the junk wax goes If you flip them over and look at the back, they're O-Pee-Chee stickers! The one thing that really made this neat for me is seeing the logo for the All-Star Game in Cincinnati on the back. I never gave a second though to these when I was a kid and always figured they were some kind of insert card from packs.


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It has been one hell of a trip.

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