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If you tend to wear a lot of black or tan, what color accessories do you wear? Actually, they are my favorites. Do you love reading your daily horoscope, checking out astrology charts, and taking astrology quizzes? If a health issue arises, it will be due to anxiety. This connection is true of your psychic and intuitive abilities as well as the other bodies that make up the auric field.

Aura color quiz

There will be many colors, but you are only interested in those found in the aura color wheel. I cannot harness my feelings and emotions, and tend to be jumpy. The eyes are the concern for indigo-aura people. Strong-willed, straightforward, energetic, forceful, well-grounded, hard worker, team player, active, competitive, realistic, impulsive and overwhelmed by change. Since everything in life is in constant movement, it shouldn't be surprising your aura is, too. Prominent Aura Colors Some energy fields in your aura may be stronger than others, depending on your current state of being. Jan 19, Did You Know? Your aura might be prominently blue in the morning indicating you are peaceful and have rested. The multi-colored aura is far more common than an aura radiating just one color. I am always playful, funny and feel that my happiness can light up a bulb! Aura Color Meanings Now that you have chosen your color, what do the colors mean? The test states that you're a visionary with the ability to change the world. You can get a better understanding of your aura by exploring the meaning of each color. Some believe that problems a person with this aura color may experience relates to the throat or thyroid. Doing so can alter the results, and you will not be able to know your true aura color. I don't pick up infections easily and enjoy a robust health that helps me in physical activities. When your aura radiates yellow , it indicates you're happy and feeling generous. After taking the test, if you feel it was personally inconclusive, take heart. An overall statement about yourself: To put it simply, an aura is an invisible yet highly powerful radiation that envelopes every living being. If you tend to wear a lot of black or tan, what color accessories do you wear? Do you rely on astrology to discover more about how to fulfill your needs, achieve your potential, or establish a love relationship? Here are some words that best describe personal traits that match aura colors: I am highly optimistic and usually approached by friends for prep talks. Understanding Aura Color Tests When you take an aura color test, your responses provide an intuitive telltale sign of the colors presently dominating your aura. Sign up for our Healthy Living Newsletter! Please enter a valid email address Subscribe.

Aura color quiz

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If you're harboring negative feelings, your aura can transform to a dark color, even black. Are you a person who chooses a particular color according to your mood?

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