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If you are displaying your back, the neckline area should be completely closed. Here we can see both the classic round neckline and open shoulders. But you can emphasise the waist separately. It can also be made from several layers of different lengths. The focus of the attire should be on one item. Also, they are often sewn in the mermaid style. Typically, you can have short sleeves, three-quarters or long and flared sleeves. This textile can be used to create Aso Ebi outfits. In Nigeria, traditional styles in clothing are very strongly preserved.

Asobi fashion

The capes often cover only the shoulders or reach the waist or, in especially fancy outfits, drop like a train to the floor. For the outfits with a deep neckline, women typically prefer to sew the top with two types of fabric and cover the shoulders with chiffon, organza or other transparent fabric or lace. Besides, if you have chosen a lace fabric with a rich and large pattern, you'd better sew a simple dress without excesses. Aso Ebi lace styles We cannot talk about Aso Ebi style without bringing up lace. Do you want to create a chic outfit for a special occasion? Now let's talk about the bottom of the dress. Ask Naij What are the latest Aso Ebi styles for ladies? French lace Aso Ebi styles and Aso Ebi styles with cord lace are very popular. The focus of the attire should be on one item. A trend of this season is the use of fringe to decorate the neckline. You can make it shorter in front of the dress and longer on the back. Pink should be easily combined with tan, blue and even black. However, if the bottom of your dress is sewn in the mermaid style, then you can make it flared from the hip, the knee or right at the bottom. Nigerian women adore blouses of peplum design. You can embroider the belt with small crystals or artificial pearls. Nigerian Aso Ebi styles Here's another thing to keep in mind. In this case, a saturated and bright tone is used as a basic colour, and a light pastel tone as the added design. For this purpose, ladies might use a medium-width belt of contrasting colour or if there are two colours in the outfit, then one of them can be used for the belt. In the season , fabrics with a 3D effect are in great demand. Besides, you can make a peplum in a different colour from the dress. One of them is a bright and distinctive Aso Ebi style. If you have a lot of decor in the neckline area, it's better to make the bottom of the dress simple. You can experiment and make it a different colour. The top of the dress usually come in many more design options. Now, a few words about the Gele. The cut can even be decorated separately.

Asobi fashion

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Colourful Lace Fabric : Beautiful Aso Ebi Styles 2016/2017 for Ladies

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The bottom of the dress is either straight or flared mermaid style.

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