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For me the Adderall solves depression and ADHD, and yes it does help with social anxiety, but a small amount Xanax takes all of the edge off. Unless you have a specific reason or actual proof, worrying is needless and only makes things worse. For years, people told me that I was fine and that everything was in my head… What a great help for my low self-esteem: I take 10mg of Aventyl at 8: I haven't taken my adderall in a while now but I take my klonopins every day. Quite frankly, that is very self-centered and biased thing to say that offends someone like myself who has suffered from extreme, debilitating anxiety for 6 years before Adderall saved me.

Adderall for social anxiety

I could barely work high responsibility demanding high creativity but my psychiatrist tripled original dose. My tolerance continued to go up, but I refused to take more than 20mg in one day. Would you still say a pill is not the answer? The potential side effects outweigh the benefits of using it to treat anxiety disorders. I would become extremely irritable, my legs would ache, I would get a headache and I would be incapable of any kind of focus. Check with your doctor. I had beer to drink and women to conquer dammit! When I asked my Pdoc if she would consider it, she said no, because it will increase my anxiety levels. Even at the low end of the prescription spectrum, I was never to become the walking kind of zombie again. Reply Link dmar March 25, , 7: I've gone without this drug for weeks at a time over and over and, though I wasn't in top form obviously, I never EVER had any frantic cravings for it, etc. From what I hear it can lose its effectiveness over time with some people. Whether there are significant long-term implications from taking dopaminergics is another story. Read More I have been on adderall for 7 years. I don't like them one bit. It so calmed and focused her that she is now taking for anxiety, though sans ADHD. I was wondering how this has affected your OCD symptoms now that its been a year since your post. My only concern with Adderall was being too passive okay with everything , and the crash, even at a low-dose. I enjoy maybe two cups in the A. At first it was amazing I could focus and get stuff done. Especially since I cut it in half. And everyone with anxiety will have their own bio-chemical individuality. I wonder why this is? Read More i myself am currently trying to get back on adderall. This may not be the case for everyone. Reply Link andy May 29, , 9: Anyway, I am wondering if there is an alternative, other dopamine substances on the market that are less dangerous for you.

Adderall for social anxiety

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What It Feels Like To Take Adderall When You Don’t Have ADHD [Body & Mind]

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And turning down the dosage did nothing. You'll instantly become a badass from my experience at least.

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