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These limits debilitate most projects using basecamp almost all and we have already requested new internal systems to fill in. David on 17 Jan 12 We are a publicly traded corporation and have been using basecamp for critical projects for the past three years. So, let people become your customers by selling them something. He may be bigoted. Will they be notified by SEC too? It sounds counter-intuitive, but the fog is lifted when you think about it: Bill Wilson is an embarrassment to all Christians, to all Republicans and to all Conservatives. This is an important distinction. I am assuming you would find out through a media story, someone sending you an email, or stumbling upon it when your digging through customers confidential files for fun ;.

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Mistakes will be made, own them, learn from them and move forward. Implying that the church, and those taught by it, are the only ones possible of running trustworthy institutions is also ridiculous. And that really is an advantage. Bill Wilson is something that all parties have, and that are a bit embarrassing: Then store those files with companies who have a primary mission to store files for users. We all make mistakes all of us, Bill and the best we can take from them is an opportunity to grow. Otherwise they might find other things to do like investigate wall street investment firms that were fraudulently selling shitty mortgage bonds as AAA rated bonds or something stupid like that. Thanks for doing what you guys do and for setting such a great example. It seems that good people always find ways to do good, and lousy people find ways to be lousy, no matter what. They have a chip in the game. Dozier Hudson on 16 Jan 12 At WeTalky, we posted our Privacy Policy on GitHub in markdown format in the hopes of encouraging community contribution and complete transparency. Why do you think Jesus saved his most cutting observations and teachings for church leaders of his day? While the community suggestions are great, the SEC is very specific and therefore having your attorney draft a rigorous privacy policy is the only way we and many of your public clients — either direct or indirect will be able to use basecamp without restriction. We make good products our customers like to use. They are working to get better, like all of us or, apparently, most of us. I am assuming you would find out through a media story, someone sending you an email, or stumbling upon it when your digging through customers confidential files for fun ;. What do you see as the value your company adds — to provide file security for users, or to give them tools to manage projects? He recently wrote to us and said, "I am now a complete convert to Highrise from Salesforce Another important cost is that you will need to segment your admin team. Now your relationship can involve mutual, long-term, sustainable benefits. I loath this return to the bad old days over a stupid cat comment — but the real issue is about clarifying what 37 signals security and privacy policy truly is and drafting it so it can be used to demonstrate appropriate due diligence. There must be a policy and procedures to limit 37 Signals employee visibility to proprietary information and logs that document which employee have accessed what information should a breach of trust and law occur. They want you to stay in business so they can use they product they love. Did you actually open the millionth file and see that it was a cat or did you just read the log file and see that it was cat. When you win, they win.

37signals svn

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These costs are huge if you need to update your application all the time. Today our legal department put six limits on our corporate use of basecamp and campfire until there is clarity about security of information.

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